A Guide to Heating Controls

If you are tired of sky high monthly utility bills there is a solution to your problems. Investing in high quality heating controls can save you money in a way that will not contribute to global warming. Research shows that turning your thermostat down by only 1 degree can lower your monthly bill by 10 per cent. Everybody is making an effort to cut down on daily usage of energy and when it comes to heating solutions there are many ways in which you can be green.

Why Choose Dataterm?

There is a Dataterm heating system for everyone. Regardless of the size of your property you can save up to a quarter of your monthly bill with heating controls. This innovative system has been named the intelligent heating control due to its self learning nature. Dataterm is giving the bigger brand manes such as Honeywell, Danfoss-Randall, Drayton and Horstmann thermostat controls a run for their money.

All of these systems use advanced technology but Dataterm has the hassle free nature to give it an edge over competitors. Dataterm heating controls take all the hard work out of heating your home as there is no need to program it. This ground breaking product is surprisingly affordable making it a desirable option for many. This new system has taken the industry by storm and has won awards for its environmentally friendly nature. Help yourself and your planet with a Dataterm thermostat system.

Looking for Heating Controls?

If you want to save money on your energy bills invest in heating controls from Warm World. The Dataterm system has won awards for its innovative features and is perfect for use at home or in the office. For more information on any Warm World product contact our dedicated team of professionals on 0117 949 8800. Alternatively notify us by email using the contact form provided.

Warm World pride themselves on offering a high level of customer service. If you are unsure about the product that can best meet your needs our expert team are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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