Go Green and Get Out of the Red with Heating Controls

Small Bills for Large Homes

Running a home can be an expensive venture especially if you are lucky enough to own a house of large proportions. It is a common misconception that high utility bills are the price you have to pay to live in luxury. It doesn’t have to be this way; fortunately advanced technology can help us save. There is a wealth of energy efficient and cost reducing options regardless of the size of your home. Heating controls use the latest technology to help you reduce the amount of fuel that you use resulting in lower costs for you and your family.

Eco Friendly Heating Solutions

With more and more people taking the green approach to modern day living it is no surprise that this phenomenon has changed the way in which we heat our homes. Today there are many brands of heating controls to choose from with names such as Honeywell, Drayton, Danfoss-Randall and Horstmann. But are they all doing their bit to help the environment? Many of these well known award winning systems may soon be over shadowed by award winning technology, a heating controls system named Dataterm.

Intelligent Heating Controls

Dataterm is a leading brand of heating control system on the market today. This innovative product allows you to take control and gives you flexible options to heat your home to the temperature you desire. Intelligent heating controls allow you to save money and energy by ensuring your heating is only on at times when you are there to benefit from it. Set the desired temperature for different times of the day, for example the time you wake up to the time you leave for work. You can set multiple times throughout the day to ensure that your home is warm when you return from work without wasting money and energy while you are at work. Take a greener approach to heating solutions and start saving today.

Save 25 Per Cent on your Heating Bills

Warm World specialise in energy saving products that use the latest technology to lower heating costs. Warm World is passionate about supplying you with pioneering products to save you money. We have been bringing you energy efficient solutions since the 1980’s. For more information on any of our products including heating controls please contact us on 0117 949 8800. Alternatively email us using the online enquiry form.

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