Ensure You Have Efficient Heating in Your Home

Why it’s Important to Have Efficient Heating

Efficiency by definition is something that is generally desired and particularly in the systems that keep your home running. What are the main reasons, though, to make sure you have efficient heating at home? Well, the lack of an efficient heating system wastes heat, the energy needed to create this heat and the fuel necessary to create the energy. This fuel that is being wasted leads to increased heating bills and no-one likes those! The good news is that if you do not yet have efficient heating systems and controls in your home, you should be able to save a considerable amount of money in the long-term by having them installed.

Method to Ensure Efficient Heating in Your Home

As mentioned a lot of energy can be lost without an efficient heating system in your home. A common way that energy is lost from boilers is due to the way it stores hot water. Those boilers which aren’t Combi boilers store hot water in a large copper cylinder, often in a cupboard. These storage devices can give off a lot of heat, wasting valuable energy. With a simple 75mm water cylinder jacket this wastage can be significantly reduced. Un-insulated hot water pipes similarly give off heat that is simply lost, increasing wastage of energy as well as fuel bills, but again insulation can help resolve the issue. Older models of boiler can also be generally inefficient. In 2007 it became possible for homeowners to get a boiler efficiency rating of A-G with ‘A’ representing the most efficient models. It became apparent that the majority of the country’s boilers had a worrying rating of ‘E’, and could produce up to 50% more heat if they ran better. A huge range of efficient boilers are available on the market and a number of companies are offering money-saving incentives to people who are replacing an old boiler with a new, efficient one.

Heating controls can also be very important in determining how much energy is lost from a home. Some standard heating controls have problems maintaining a desired temperature but as with boilers, there are new controls available to buy to ensure efficient heating in your home.

Efficient Heating Solutions from Warm World    

Warmworld provides a plethora of products to ensure that your home has efficient heating and to help you save energy and money on bills. For more information on the systems out there, visit www.warmworld.co.uk or call them on 0117 949 8800.

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