Heating Controls - Award-winning Design in your Home

When it comes to heating controls, either for your home or for a small or medium-sized business, the best way to improve your energy use and save money on your bills is to use the latest technology. We're all looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and where better to start than a product that's won a Millennium Product Award?

Award-winning Heating Controls

The Millennium Product Awards were established by Tony Blair in 1997 and administered by the Design Council. Products that have been selected by the Award judges have to fulfil special criteria, showing that they were:

  • Solving a real problem
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Using new or existing technology in a beneficial way
  • Creating new opportunities
  • Creating real user benefits

The heating controls designed and produced by Warmworld met all of these criteria and consequently won a Millennium Product Award. That means that when you're choosing a new heating controls system for your home or office, you can be sure that you're buying a technology and a design that really works, giving you both environmental and savings benefits as well as a much better way to control your heating system.

Why Dataterm Heating Controls are Right for You

The Dataterm heating controls won their award because of the excellent control they give over the heating systems in your building; helping you to set different temperatures at different times throughout the day, and to vary those settings from day to day, depending on how you use your home or office. This flexible control allows your heating system to perform more economically, using less fuel and, in the long run, saving you money. It won't take long for Dataterm to pay for itself and meanwhile, you'll have regular, controlled heating and hot water that leaves your property warm and comfortable when you need it most.

Buy Heating Controls from Warmworld

You can buy these award-winning heating controls direct from us at Warmwold by using our secure online shop. All the information you need about our systems is on our site, so you can see exactly how beneficial they are going to be once installed in your property. Order online today or call us on 0117 949 8800 to find out more.

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