Heating Controls for Hot Water Heating

Whilst some people have fitted instant hot water systems, most homes and businesses still use timed systems. The more controllable your hot water is, the better for you, and the latest heating controls can help you to ensure that your water is heated efficiently, affordably and just when you need it.

Using Hot Water Heating Controls

Do you know how long it takes to heat your water to the right temperature? Most people don't which is why hot water programmes are often set for too long a period, meaning that you're wasting both energy and cash without even realising it. What you need is advanced heating controls that can help you to programme exactly when you want the water to start heating and when you need it to stop. Not all manufacturers produce heating controls that give you so much flexibility over how your system works, but the Dataterm system does. When you're thinking about programming your hot water controls, consider the following:

  • Start times - when do you need your hot water? If you have someone in your house that needs to be up early for the morning commute, you're going to need your hot water to be ready to use for that first shower of the day. With traditional controls, you might set the water to come on half an hour or even an hour before it's needed, but if it actually takes far less time than that to bring the water to temperature, you can use more sophisticated heating controls to switch your water on only when you need it.
  • Day use - if you and your family don't spend time at home during the day, there's no need for the hot water to be on at all. At the weekends, however, you're going to want hot water during the day - for post-football-match showers, for example, or just for doing the washing up. Intelligent heating controls will allow you to set different hot water times for the weekend - and even for each day of the weekend, giving you full control.
  • Holidays - when you're renting a property, landlords like you to leave the heating and hot water on at a lower temperature to avoid problems with burst pipes. No-one wants to waste money or energy when they're not even at home, however, so you need flexible heating controls that allow you to change the programme and turn everything right down when you need to.

Dataterm Heating Controls from Warmworld

Warmworld has developed the Dataterm heating controls system to help you get the very best performance from your domestic or commercial heating. We use the latest technology to give you real control over time and temperature, helping you to use less energy and spend less money. Take a look at our website to find out more about how the system works and to order directly online, or call us on 0117 949 8800.

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