Heating Controls – How do you Heat your Home?

Save money by heating your home wisely and using accurate heating controls.

Whilst most households and businesses in the UK use standard gas or electric heating systems, an increasing number of people are looking at alternative energy sources. There are two main reasons for this: saving money and using cleaner energy. Accurate heating controls can help you to use less energy and save money – no matter what type of heating system you install.

Why Heating Controls Matter

Keeping your heating bills down isn’t just about how you generate heat in the first place; it’s also about how you manage the use of heat in your home or office. Finding cleaner ways of generating energy is a great way to do your bit for the planet, and governments and lobby groups are right to encourage us to be as energy-conscious as possible, but our responsibilities don’t end when we choose a different heating system – we need to learn how to use heating controls to make sure we use the energy efficiently, no matter where it comes from.

Using Intelligent Heating Controls

Heating controls allow you to keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature for work or play. Being able to accurately control the heating and hot water in your home means that you can spend time on the things you need to do or love to do without constantly altering the thermostat or the timing controls. Intelligent heating controls give you the best of both worlds – easy setting for accurate temperature and timing, and a more efficient use of your heating, helping you to save money. Whether you use gas or oil central heating, or are thinking of supplying some energy to your home via solar panels or geothermal systems, you’ll still need a reliable and efficient way to control the way your home is heated, and intelligent heating controls are a great option.

Smart Heating Controls from Warmworld

At Warmworld, we’ve developed intelligent heating controls that help you to keep your home or workplace warm without costing a fortune. Our controls decide when your system needs to be switched on in order to reach your desired temperature at the right time, and it’s easy to change both the temperature and the time in small increments so that both areas are as accurate as possible. You can find out lots more about our Dataterm heating controls by taking a look at our website and ordering online, or you can call us on 0117 949 8800.

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