Heating Controls - Intelligent Technology at your Fingertips

It's becoming more important than ever that you heat your home efficiently. Using less fuel and spending less money has to be a good thing, and now that your central heating and hot water systems are more controllable than ever, it makes sense to use the latest heating controls technology to improve your consumption and your bank balance.

Intelligent Heating Controls

Today's high-end electronics and computing systems allow us to set our heating controls at the touch of a button or two, and then leave the system to get on with all the work. Instead of spending your time constantly changing the timing of your heating or the temperature, new technologies allow you to programme exactly what you want and then forget about it whilst the system does it all for you. Intelligent technology means that new heating controls like Dataterm are overtaking more traditional brands such as Honeywell and Drayton, because you can programme with confidence and in detail, making your heating system really work for you:

  • Temperature - one of the hardest things to set on traditional heating controls, a Dataterm system allows you to set different temperatures at different times of the day. This means you can have a warmer temperature in the morning and evening, but a cooler one during the day, or set whatever temperature you need to make your life comfortable.
  • Optimum start - your heating system will be wasting energy every day with a traditional heating controls system, because you will have programmed it to come on well before you need it so that the house is warm when you get up, for example, or when you come home from work. With intelligent technology like Optimum Start, your new heating controls will work our how quickly the system can heat up to the right temperature and only switch on when it needs to - helping you to save energy and money.
  • Ultimate control - ideally, you need your heating controls to help you maintain the required temperature throughout your home. Many control panels have huge variations in when the heating actually turns off and on, whereas technology allows the Dataterm system to measure in increments of degrees to keep your home warm and cosy.

Choose Dataterm from Warmworld

It's easy to see the benefits that choosing a Dataterm system can bring, particularly over established systems like those produced by Honeywell and Drayton. With straightforward programming, and clever technology that only uses the energy you need, when you need it, it's the perfect choice for any size household - and for many small-to-medium businesses. We're always happy to talk to you about our system and how it could work for you, so call us on 0117 949 8800 or simply take a look at our site and order online.

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