Heating Controls-Knowledge at your Fingertips

If you are looking to upgrade your existing heating controls here are a few things to consider prior to purchase.

If the monthly utility bills are higher than you would like them to be why not try monitoring your daily fuel usage? The latest heating systems have innovative features that allow you to view your daily usage at the touch of a button.

Intelligent Heating Controls

Some people use a timer to allow their heating to come on and warm the house before they wake up to ensure they are not cold as they get ready for work or have breakfast. Others switch their heaters on as soon as they rise. For many this is an unconscious action and it is all too easy to leave your heating on due to forgetfulness. Another major influence in wasted fuel is not knowing how to use your heating controls correctly. For many people, as long as there heating is on, nothing else maters. Learning the ins and outs of your heating controls enables you to monitor your usage and act accordingly. With the latest systems there is no need to set your timer for an hour before you need your heating on. Monitor your fuel usage and save on your monthly outgoings.

Heating Controls-Create your Ideal Environment

The best heating systems allow you to set your ideal temperature for up to eight periods in the day. So, for example if you would like it to be warmer when you wake but cool down slightly as you get ready then warm up for your return home in the evening this is all possible. Many systems only allow you to programme one schedule in that is then repeated every day but with Dataterm technology you can programme three separate schedules for use throughout the week. Knowing how to use your heating controls can ensure your system is as flexible as your lifestyle.

Do you Need Intelligent Heating Controls?

If you want to install the latest technology in your home Warm World can help. We can answer any questions you may have about intelligent heating controls. Our knowledgeable staff are always happy to offer advice on our heating solutions. Contact us on 0117 949 8800. Alternatively email us via the online contact form provided.


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