Heating Controls - Myths Explained

There are many known tips that we pick up over the years regarding our home heating controls that enable us to save both energy and money but which ones are true and which are simply olds wives tales?

As society becomes more aware of energy efficiency in the home there are more and more myths regarding energy saving issues. This in turn leads to misconceptions regarding how to save energy. If you have recently upgraded your existing heating system you are probably aware of the energy saving benefits that come with it. Here are a few energy saving myths explained.

Investing in Heating Controls

Can changing your heating system really save you money? Upgrading with intelligent heating controls can help you to get the most out of your heating system. Modern heating controls have a number of settings and programmes available rather than simply switching on and off. This allows you to have your heating on only when you need it. The more ways to control your heating the more you can save.

Operating Heating Controls

We are told to turn off our appliances to conserve energy but haven’t we all heard the rumour that turning our appliances on and off can use more energy than you would use by simply leaving them on? If you are one of the many people that have been told about that surge of electricity that occurs when an appliance is turned on, rest assured you will waste more energy by leaving on your lights, TV and appliances while you are not using them. The same principle can be applied to your heating controls, although the opposite is true in this case. Should you leave your thermostat at a constant temperature of should you constantly change it to fit your needs? Intelligent heating controls find the perfect temperature for your home. 

Intelligent Heating Controls

Although you may be aware of the savings that come with intelligent heating controls you may still be wary of the initial costs. Many people have ruled out an intelligent heating system without further thought as they think the installation costs will be expensive. In truth intelligent heating controls are an affordable way to save energy.

Interested in Heating Controls?

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