Heating Controls - Ofgem Warns of Trouble Ahead

A recent Ofgem report on energy provision highlights the need for more efficient heating controls.

In early February 2010, the energy regulator, Ofgem, released the results of a consultation held at the end of 2009 into the sustainability of the UK’s current energy policy. It claimed that the UK may see shortages in electricity supply and much higher bills for both gas and electricity in the near future. Changing your heating controls could be the first step towards a more efficient and more cost-effective heating system.

How Smart Heating Controls Can Help

If Ofgem is right, the UK will have to invest billions of pounds into securing affordable energy over the next ten years. The price of fuel for homes has increased dramatically over the past few years, and without major reform of the system, the regulator is finding it hard to see how an increasing number of homes will evade fuel poverty. Leading experts agree that there needs to be immediate action to avoid potential problems in the future. Whilst the government and the energy industry wrestles with these problems, homeowners can start to help themselves by reducing the amount of energy they use – installing more efficient heating controls, for example:

  • Regulate temperature – smart heating controls help you to maintain a more constant and accurate temperature in your heating system. That means that your boiler isn’t working as hard, and you use less energy to heat your home. As prices increase, you’ll need to make sure that your heating is working as smartly as possible.
  • Accurate timing – when you guess what time your boiler needs to come on in the morning or evening, you usually add another 10 or 15 minutes either way to ensure that your home heats up when you need it to. This often means that your boiler’s switching on before you really need it to, wasting energy and costing you money. Accurate heating controls work out when the boiler needs to come on and activates your heating system at exactly the right time to ensure it reaches temperature.

Installing new heating controls will help you to reduce your energy use and hopefully your energy bills, getting you into good habits so that you can stay in control of your cash.

Smart Heating Controls from Warm World

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