Heating Controls - Solve your Heating Problems

Having trouble getting your heating controls to operate your system efficiently?

We’ve all had problems with our central heating at one time or another. Ancient boilers, faulty radiators and inflexible heating controls can all cause frustration when it comes to keeping your house warm. A radical solution is to completely overhaul or replace your entire system, but if your problem is mainly with controlling your heating, perhaps a new set of controls is all you need.

Reliable Heating Controls

We tend to plod along with the heating controls we’ve inherited from the previous owner of our home – particularly if the central heating system is relatively modern – but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t investigate better options. In fact, with a small initial investment, you could improve the performance of your heating system dramatically – and that’s without spending thousands of pounds on a new boiler. Just installing reliable, smart heating controls could help you to heat your house more effectively and more efficiently:

  • Radiator controls – if you don’t have thermostatic values on your radiator, you should think about installing them. The valves themselves are not expensive and are fairly straightforward to install. They will enable you to control the temperature of your radiators – keeping them at full blast where you need them, but lowering the temperature for rooms that are rarely in use or are at the top of the house and need less direct heat.
  • System heating controls – this is the most important change you can make. Substituting the latest technology for the more hit-and-miss thermostat controls that you often get with central heating systems can help you to make far better use of your boiler and radiators. Heating controls like the Dataterm product sold at Warmworld uses smart technology to give you complete control. You decide when you want the heating to come on and what temperature you want to achieve. You can run a number of programmes at varying temperatures during the day and night so that you always have control of what your heating system is doing. What’s more, by calculating how early the boiler needs to be switched on in order to achieve your desired temperature, these heating controls are making sure that the system is as efficient as possible.

Combining new heating controls for your system with controls on your radiator could make a huge difference not only to the efficiency of your system but also to your energy bills.

Efficient Heating Controls at Warmworld

Our Dataterm heating controls are award winning products that use smart technology to help you heat your home or business more effectively. Find out more by taking a look at our website and call us on 0117 949 8800 if you think our controls could make a real difference to your heating and your bank balance.

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