Heating Controls that put you in Charge

Fed up with constantly boosting your heating or altering the temperature? Wish you could have more control over what your heating does and when? You need to fit heating controls that use the latest technology to put you back in charge. Once you've seen the fuel and cost benefits of more effective heating controls, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Responsive Heating Controls

Wouldn't it be great if you could programme your central heating, office heating or even underfloor heating so that it worked exactly the way you want it to? Different temperatures for different times of the day will help your home to be heated to the right temperature for the people that are there and the jobs that are being done. A greater number of settings so that you can make your heating plan truly individual to the needs of the people in your home. These are the things that put you back in charge of the way your heating works. Instead of fiddling with the thermostat all the time, or going round the house changing the temperature of individual radiators, you can control the whole heating system from a simple wall-mounted box that gives you everything you need.

Heating Controls and Saving Money

One of the best things about getting truly controllable heating is that it makes your fuel consumption more efficient. Using technology to get your boiler to work effectively means that you don't waste time and energy heating water you're not going to need, or putting your heating on hours in advance of when you really need it, just so that it's warm when you come home. Advanced heating controls can work out when the best time is to switch on your heating in order to achieve the temperature you've set in the programme. This in itself helps you to use less energy and you should see a significant saving on your energy bills over time.

Outstanding Heating Controls from Warmworld

The heating controls developed and sold by Warmworld give you exactly the sort of control you're looking for and have won awards for their use of technology and user benefits. Take a look at our site to find all the information you need about how our Dataterm systems can work for your home or business. You can order through our secure online shop, or call us on 0117 949 8800 to find out more.

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