Heating Controls - Why Smart Home Heating Matters

The smarter you are about your heating controls, the more benefits you’ll experience.

As concerns increase about where the fuel for our energy comes from, and as governments and pressure groups make demands about insulation and efficient heating, it makes sense for homeowners to look into how their heating controls could be improved. Energy bills are likely to rise, so keeping a close eye on how much energy you use is important.

The Right Heating Controls

A surprising number of UK households are likely to be less energy efficient than they believe. Whether it’s a lack of general insulation, a tendency to leave the lights on when they’re not really needed, or an inefficient boiler, there are plenty of reasons why your bills may be higher than you’d like. Whilst you have no control over the prices set by your utility company, you can control how much heating you use, and installing the right heating controls could make all the difference:

  • Comfort – when it’s time for the heating to go back on, you want your home to be comfortable. If it’s either too cold or too hot, you can spend a lot of time adjusting thermostats and radiators, or lighting fires and plugging in additional heaters until you get to the temperature you require. Modern heating controls will allow you to get your home to the right temperature first time, making comfort a real priority.


  • Cost – it’s important to many homeowners that their heating system keeps them warm at a reasonable cost. The difficulty comes when energy prices rise and temperatures fall, causing us to boost the heating and pay the price. Efficient heating controls allow you to be far more precise about setting your heating programme and about specifying the temperature. This means that your boiler will be working more efficiently and consequently, you could expect your energy bills to reduce.

Installing the right heating controls in your home gives you access to smart home heating which in turn means better use of energy in your home and lower bills in the long term.

Intelligent Heating Controls from Warmworld

If you think that it’s important that you have more control over the way your home is heated, talk to us at Warmworld. We’ve developed award-winning technology that gives you complete control when it comes to programming heating times and temperatures. Find out more on our website and order online today, or call us on 0117 949 8800.

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