Heating Controls - Worth the Investment

Smart heating controls start saving you money straight away.

Although everyone is concerned about rising energy bills, it seems that most homeowners are content to keep their system going, simply because they can’t see the value in investing in insulation or other forms of energy. Paying up front for something is difficult if you’re already struggling to pay the bills, and the seemingly high cost of installing solar panels or cavity wall insulation can put people off. But these things to do work and the answer is to look for cost-effective solutions that will help you to save straight away – like new heating controls.

Saving with Intelligent Heating Controls

If you have a standard heating control for your boiler, you’ve probably noticed that you can only use the timer in ten or fifteen minute blocks and that the thermostat doesn’t always seem to be in harmony with your radiators. That’s because a lot of traditional heating controls just aren’t accurate enough to give you the control you need over your heating system. With a more accurate control, both in terms of the accuracy of the clock and of the thermostat, you can have a heating system that gives you the warmth and hot water you need, but works more efficiently, saving money. And because these heating controls are relatively inexpensive, you can expect them to pay for themselves in around 18-24 months, which is a fast result when compared with other options:

  • Solar panels – depending on the quality and quantity of panels you fit, recouping the cost in energy savings could take between 4-12 years, although solar panels have a long life span of around 20-30 years..
  • Geothermal heating – using the heat from the ground around your home, this is becoming an increasingly popular renewable energy, particularly with new-build homes. Even so, the payback time is around 5 years and the initial investment will be several thousand pounds.
  • Wind energy – whilst large wind farms generate a significant amount of energy, domestic wind turbines are less successful. That’s partially because you require planning permission in order to install a turbine and partly because urban geography means that wind speeds are erratic, making the production of energy uncertain.

Affordable Heating Controls from Warm World

If you want to make a start on improving the efficiency of your heating system, install smarter heating controls. You can immediately make your heating timing and temperature more accurate and you’ll see the difference in your bills. Take a look at the Warm World website to find out more about our latest Dataterm heating controls and to order online, or just call us on 0117 949 8800.

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