Award Winning Heating Controls By Warmworld

Dataterm, a product by Warmworld has earned several awards over the years and is now turning up the heat in the world of heating controls.

Honeywell heating controls, Danfoss-Randall heating controls, Drayton thermostats and Horstmann heating controls have all been turned down by the nation. But the award winning Dataterm product by Warmworld means that you don't have the hassle of programming it.

Warmworld Ltd started its mission in the 1980s and have shown innovation throughout their time in the business of heating controls. They are dedicated in providing energy-saving heating controls to the nation and their award winning product, Dataterm, is ready to get the competition heated up to a new temperature.

Warmworld Ltd prepares for some hot competition and could overtake leaders such as Honeywell, Danfoss-Randall, Drayton and Horstman with room thermostats.

After winning the Millennium Product Award from the Design Council for its potential to save energy, Warmworld Ltd has a very unique selling point – it can save money and save the planet.

Brand Leaders Such as Honeywell

Danfoss-Randall, Drayton, Horstmann and Honeywell are the biggest leaders in the heating controls market. These brand leaders already have a large market share they provide room thermostats for central heating systems across the country.

Honeywell has been established and successful for many years and is a central heating systems and heating controls giant, not only in the UK, but across Europe. The most recognised household brand for heating controls is Honeywell, and they take up a huge share of the market alone. The UK market is one the largest national markets for Honeywell in Europe and they have over 7,000 employees in the United Kingdom.

Warmworld Ltd and the ground breaking Dataterm product claims to save money and reduce fuel bills for everyone. Warmworld customers have saved over thirty per cent in household bills and this is all down to Warmworld's 'Intelligent Heating Control'. This outstanding Unique Selling Point (USP) has given Warmworld an advantage over its competitors.

Save 30% on Your Heating Bills

If you have Honeywell room thermostats, or heating controls from other brands such as Danfoss-Randall, Drayton or Horstmann then the best advice, as advised by the BBC, is to turn them down. But what if there were heating controls that are so energy efficient that they could save you over 30% on your heating bills?

Dataterm is a computerised room thermostat that can save over 30% on your heating bills and Warmworld have always been extremely passionate in achieving this target.

If you are interested in saving money, the environment, and a whole lot of unnecessary hassle then trust in Warmworld's award winnning heating controls to keep you and your family warm for less. Browse their website or call them now for information: 0117 949 8800.

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