Save upto 25% OFF your heating bills

Heating Control Systems from Warmworld

Save upto 25% off your heating bills by using Dataterm the intelligent heating control by Warmworld ! Dataterm provides a new way of controlling the heating and hot water requirements in flats, houses and small to medium sized commercial buildings.

Cut upto 1/4 OFF your bills!


Dataterm – the energy efficient heating control comes in 3 types depending on your property. So which Dataterm Heating Control is right for me? Click here to find out how to make your home or business more energy efficient using Dataterm the Intelligent Heating Control.

Save Pounds!

Fitting Dataterm will save you money! It's been proven many times. How many heating controls can boast about paying for themselves in just 18 months?

25% fuel savings are easily achievable from Dataterm.
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Save Pounds!

In addition to saving money by burning less fuel Dataterm can substantially reduce your carbon footprint.

Tests have proven that the average family can reduce their CO2 emissions by 1 ton per year just by using Dataterm.

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Save Pounds!

Set it and forget it, that's the idea behind Dataterm. It's intelligent and works out what to do so you have no need to worry!

Simply select one of the built in plans for your heating and hot water or programme your own. Whatever you decide Dataterm will work straight from the box giving you comfort, energy savings and peace of mind.

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Whatever size your property is, whether domestic or commercial, a church, factory, office, pub or club, we can help save you money and help the environment all at the same time.

Dataterm is suitable for all types of heating system whether it is a traditional radiator system, warm air or the ever more popular under floor heating system -Dataterm will help you save £'s.

Larger properties are able to make substantial savings in fuel usage so much so that the Dataterm can pay for itself within 18 months rather than several years or not at all.

Reduce your fuel bills with central heating controls and save money. Dataterm the Intelligent Heating Control accurately controls the heating saving you from hot and cold shifts in temperature and by reducing your fuel usage.

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