Save Money and Energy with Efficient Heating Controls

With the summer rapidly approaching, central heating may not be the first thing on your mind. However, if your system does not have efficient heating controls it could cause you to waste a fortune on bills as well as being uncomfortable in your own home.

Problems Resulting from Inefficient Heating Controls

Many standard room thermostats struggle to maintain an even temperature, often rising up to three degrees above the desired temperature before turning off and dropping several degrees below before switching back on. This means significant variations in temperature which could cause you to be uncomfortable in your home. If this summer goes all English on us it is nice to know that we can at least whack on the central heating and cosy-up without the temperature regularly rising and falling.

Another issue that is a common consequence of not having efficient heating controls is wasted money. Let’s face it there are plenty of ways to waste cash out there, whether through a little retail therapy at the weekend or down the pub with your mates. Coughing up money for wasted heat and wasted fuel is much less fun and therefore should be avoided wherever possible. Inefficient heating controls can really leave you out of pocket as well as wasting valuable energy and fuel.

Avoid Wastage with Efficient Heating Controls

The good news is that there are systems available to avoid the wastage that is being caused by so many thermostats around the country. Technological advances in this area have led to systems which can control your central heating to within 0.3 degrees and can lower or raise the temperature by 0.1 degree increments. This is clearly a massive improvement from the possible six degrees variation that can occur with some standard thermostats. There are also Intelligent Central Heating Controls which are self learning. These heating controls can also be used for hot water and require very little of you. Merely select a ‘plan’ for your heating and water or create your own programme and the system will figure out how to supply you with what you want, while saving the most fuel, energy and money possible.

Products Available at Warm World    

Warmworld is a retailer that stocks a vast range of central heating and water heating products and solutions. Thermostats and heating systems such as Dataterm which are available at Warm World, can provide you with efficient heating controls to save you energy, fuel and money. For more information, visit or call 0117 949 8800.

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