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Dataterm is the easy way to warm your home while saving

Inefficient heating controls can lead to several negative outcomes. Many standard thermostats are not accurate, meaning that the temperature can rise above or drop below the required temperature. This can cause wastage of valuable energy and increased utility bills. If timings can not be set accurately enough there may be times when the heating is on when you are not at home, again causing energy to be wasted. Wasted energy from your home will also increase your home’s carbon footprint as overuse of heating systems causes an increased amount of carbon dioxide to be emitted. Inefficient heating controls can therefore cause damage to the environment which we are being constantly told is at risk, as well as hitting your pocket hard with excessive energy bills.  

Smart Controls Reduce Wastage

Smart controls are thankfully now available to combat the above issues. Dataterm heating controls boast that they can save you up to a quarter off your fuel bills and subsequently that these systems will pay for themselves within eighteen months. They do this by being extremely accurate and by maintaining a required temperature to within 0.3 degrees. This cuts down on waste when the temperature rises above what is desired and cuts out times when your home becomes too warm or cold as a result of inaccurate controls. Dataterm products are also more efficient than standard heating controls because you can set over thirty heating plans. This allows you to choose settings for different seasons when you will require more or less warmth, for different work patterns, for weekends, holidays and any number of other possibilities. By using these smart controls you can customise your heating to ensure that you use your system as efficiently as possible.

Dataterm Smart Controls – Set it and Forget it

You may be thinking that a heating system with over thirty possible settings must be incredibly complicated to use, no matter how smart it is. Well, it’s not. The thirty settings of these Smart Controls are pre-set so all you have to do is select whichever one or few you want to use and then sit back and let the Dataterm do its thing. There are three settings that you can customise but this is easily done and again, once this task is completed you can forget about it.

If you want to save energy, money and the environment there is now a way to do it. Dataterm smart controls can help you achieve these (mostly) socially responsible goals without causing you a headache. There is more information on Dataterm products as well as other on the market at Warmworld. Either visit their website at or call 0117 949.       

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