Smart Home Heating - The Intelligent Choice

Cut down on unnecessary waste and costs with intelligent home systems

The heating controls in your house probably won’t have that much impact on your everyday life – or so you think. Perhaps you have a thermostat on the wall that you might flick up or down as the unpredictable British weather jumps from one extreme to another but you probably won’t give it a second thought. However, the efficiency of your heating controls really can have a significant effect on the cost of your bills, the amount of energy you waste and your carbon footprint.

Many people waste energy on their heating bills without being conscious of doing so. They may have timed settings on their heating controls which don’t actually reflect the amount of time or the hours that they are at home, or they may open windows when the heating is on, obviously wasting warmth. Having inaccurate heating controls is another common cause of energy wastage but is one that can be easily remedied with a smart home heating system. 

What Can Smart Home Heating actually achieve?

An alternative to grudgingly paying dizzying utility bills is to take some simple steps towards smart home heating.  

The installation of intelligent heating controls is a definite stride towards smart home heating. Many standard thermostats lack accuracy because of the way they have been designed and have real problems maintaining a desired temperature. A two or three degree rise above the required temperature might occur before the system switches off and the same below before it turns back on. However, intelligent home systems such as those provided by Dataterm can resolve such issues. The Dataterm heating controls can maintain a temperature to within 0.3 degrees, preventing energy wastage and moments when your house is cooler or warmer than you would like. Another benefit of this product is the way that it using timing. The system clock is extremely accurate and allows you to be precise in setting when you want the heating to come on. Furthermore, this intelligent home system will work out how long before this time the heating needs to come on to reach the required temperature, as the amount of time it takes can vary. This product boasts that it will pay for itself within eighteen months thanks to these money-saving innovations, as well as substantially reducing your carbon footprint by up to one tonne a year.

Whether you want to help save the environment by cutting down on the CO2 emissions from your home or you just want to save some cash (or both), smart home heating products such as Dataterm heating controls are available at Warmworld. For more information visit or call 0117 949 8800 – it’s the intelligent thing to do!

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