The Low Down on Your Central Heating System and Heating Controls

The efficiency of your central heating system is an important factor in keeping heating costs down - proper servicing, a quality system, and using heating controls are essential factors.

Many people don’t realise that of the total warmth produced by a central heating system, especially one with a gas fire boiler, only around 80% is used as viable energy that can be used to heat the home or water. This figure varies depending on the age, service condition and starting efficiency of the central heating system it supplies. Heating controls can also help you to keep costs down.

Types of Gas Boiler for your Central Heating System

Basically, there are two forms of gas boilers. Heating boilers that are fixed to a wall, (wall mounted) and floor standing heating boilers – which are self explanatory.

Both can provide heat to you central heating system through your radiators, providing energy to warm your household. Dual-service/combi heating boilers for your central heating system not only keep your house warm but also produce hot water (either stored in a tank or instantly heated as the water runs) and, although all central heating system boilers are sophisticated machines, they should be able to be relied upon if regularly serviced. Using heating controls is a great way to keep your energy consumption low when the weather is warm.

Typically, heating boilers do not require a lot of maintenance, and they also do not breakdown easily. However it’s worth bearing in mind the fact that when these complex pieces of equipment develop a fault they can cost significant sums of money to fix unless you have prepared in advance.

Use Heating Controls and Keep Boilers Maintained

As well as using heating controls throughout the year, it is also extremely important that you consider insuring your central heating system so that you can get any fault repaired quickly and without any hassle – as many boiler owners have learned to their cost, boilers and central heating systems have a habit of breaking down in the worst circumstances, like the middle of a Big Freeze!

Regular servicing will also keep your central heating system and boiler running safely, under no circumstances should you ever attempt to repair or service a boiler yourself – similarly you should always make sure anyone who repairs or services your central heating system is professionally qualified.

Most insurance also includes regular servicing which will keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible and in good order for years to come.

Warmworld – Let us Help you Keep control of your Heating

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