Honeywell Heating Controls - The Nation Turns Green

Everyone is living green. We don't leave our televisions on stand-by any more. We don't have the room thermostat on full when we don't need to. And we make sure we recycle all toilet roll tubes and milk cartons, as requested by the local council. We all do our bit. Greener living is down to us as responsible individuals but we need help from the big corporations to make a difference. So who are we going to target?

Companies who manufacture heating controls such as Honeywell, Danfoss-Randall, Drayton, Horstmann, Thermsaver, Invensys and Potterton all hold a certain level of social responsibility when it comes to the emissions caused by heating.

With the advances in technology, brand leaders in heating controls and heating thermostats should be able to provide heating controls that are friendly to the environment.

Boilers and heaters account for two thirds of the energy used in British homes, and as suggested by the BBC, a little tweaking will have a big impact on the environment. Something as simple as using your heating controls efficiently could save as much energy as switching the family car to an electric car.
With such a big impact, it's no mystery as to which companies the contagious greener living craze should set in their sights to target.
Big companies such as Honeywell and Danfoss-Randall should consider the potential differences they could make to the environment when thinking about product development and improvements.

For home owners, every degree you turn down on heating controls and room thermostats, you can save about 10% of your heating bill – this works out at about £40 per degree turned down for the average home. These figures as released by the BBC works well for heating controls such as Honeywell thermostats, Danfoss-Randall heating controls, Drayton heating controls, and Horstmann heating controls.

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Most people can use their heating controls without a problem, but many people don't know how to use their heating controls effectively. Turning down heating controls will help to save money and energy in the home, but upgrading to a more intelligent digital thermostat takes the guess work out of programming your heating system.

Warmworld Ltd has mastered greener living with its award winning product, Dataterm. Dataterm can easily achieve a 25% fuel saving and in just 18 months, the savings made from reduced energy bills means that your heating controls will pay for themselves.

The award winning Dataterm room thermostat is much easier to use than most and has turned heads and more and more people are switching over to the energy efficient heating control.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Reduce your energy bills. And reduce the hassles of programming your heating controls. Shop online at Warmworld for complete convenience and safety - or call them now on 0117 949 8800!

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