Efficient Homes Gain Higher Ratings - Positive Energy

There are many positive reasons to audit your energy consumption at home - not least to save money.

There is currently a huge drive from government organisations to promote the benefits and advantages of saving energy throughout the UK. One such announcement is that 3.5 million more homes across Britain can benefit from insulation. They are now dedicated to making the least efficient homes in around the country cheaper to run and warmer over all. Since the end of last month (June 2010) new rules have been put in place to make energy bills such as gas and electricity clearer to understand. Ofgem, the energy regular for consumers have campaigned for these new rules to come into force to help home owners understand how they can save money and get a better deal elsewhere by suggesting ways to switch suppliers. In an annual statement for every household from now until December 1st, detailed the current plan, annual consumption, predicted bill and any discounts available, as well as advice on how to change your supplier if you need to.

Cheaper Heating, Intelligent Energy Controls

As well as making sure you’ve got the best and cheapest deal from your gas and electricity supplier, installing one of Warmworlds’ central heating controls can ensure that you’re running your home as efficiently as possible. Another recent government change regarding energy consumption is the suspension of HIPs, (Home Information Packs). Although the local searches and more in-depth information in a HIP are no longer legally required, a potential home seller must still be able to show how efficient their home is to run with an Energy Performance Certificate This means an early investment in cavity wall and roof insulation, double-glazing, and a money–saving heating control will more than pay for itself once you come to sell.

Warmworld Leads the Way With Energy Saving Products

As a leading supplier of central heating controls, and over 30 years of experience, Warmworld prides itself in offering the very best solutions to help you save heating bills in an environmentally friendly way. Discover how we can help you get a top energy rating for your home today by contacting us  Find out more from our web site and call us today on +44 (0) 117 949 8800.

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