Saving Fuel - Boiler Sequencing

Some larger properties have more than one boiler doing the same job, this is usually because of extending the property and heating system or for convenience and lower cost when purchasing. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy 2 large domestic boilers than 1 commercial boiler, there are other advantages to this as well like reduced running cost's and maintenance and a spare if one breaks down.

Warmworld have a cost effective control that promotes even wear and tear, reduces running costs and allows the system to achieve better results.

Why run 2 boilers for the domestic hot water when 1 will do, you will probably find 1 will do it more quickly as there will be less short cycling as the cylinder cannot take the full heating output anyway.

This can also be said for the heating once it is near its operating temperature, turning off one of the boilers automatically to reduce fuel burn.

The Warmworld boiler sequencer simply sits between the boilers and controls and monitors the requirement, turning on the boilers as and when required, swapping them over to promote even usage thus minimising maintenance costs and raising comfort levels within the building.

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