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Warmworld is a Company that was set up in Bristol in the 1980s to improve the technology of heating controls available to domestic and small commercial buildings alike. The Company has made many technological advances in software and hardware to bring you the latest in energy efficiency.

Our Main product Dataterm has earned several awards over the years, and as a result of steady continuing research the Dataterm IHC was created and went on to win a Millennium Product Award from the Design Council for its potential to save energy and help the environment.

Warmworld continues to research to provide products that give greater comfort in heating at the lowest cost of fuel used saving both your pocket and the environment. Products now include the Warmworld Two-Boiler Sequencer and our Condensing Boilers for Natural Gas & LPG. Please browse to find out more about our energy saving products.

Members of C.O.R.G.I.

Company number 2361638

VAT No. 700 9075 62

Our Mission - Energy Efficiency And Low Heating Costs

It has always been our intention to have the most intelligent heating controls available for domestic and commercial heating systems alike. We like to think we have achieved our goals here and are committed to staying ahead of the game for the benefit of all.

Warmworld and Dataterm can help you to save money and reduce your fuel bills in no time at all, in fact, many of our customers have saved over 30% and greatly reduced their emisions just by making an intelligent decision to fit Dataterm the Intelligent Heating Control.

What ever size your property is whether domestic or commercial, a church, factory, office, pub or club we can help you help yourself and the environment all at the same time.

Dataterm is suitable for all types of heating system whether it is a traditional radiator system, warm air or the ever more popular under floor heating system Dataterm will help you save £'s.

Larger properties are able to make substantial savings in fuel usage so much so that the Dataterm can pay for itself within 18 months rather than several years or not at all.

It is time to forge ahead and look at new ways to control what we use of the earths resources and educating future generations in the fight against global warming, thus reducing harmful emissions, promoting energy efficiency and producing environmentally friendly heating systems for use throughout the world.

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