Saving Fuel - Condensing Boilers

Condensing Boiler! What's That?

A condensing boiler is the same as any ordinary modern boiler with the exception of some extra bits; these extra bits make it quite unique.

A secondary heat exchanger is used to remove a lot of the usually wasted heat from the flue gasses to pre heat the water in the boiler before it is heated fully in the primary heat exchanger, the result is the boiler needs to run for less time.

This process lowers the temperature of the flue gasses and produces a plume of water vapour to outside air, more noticeable on cold days but equally noticeable in the summer as well.

A natural bi product is condensation hence the name Condensing Boiler, condensate drains out of the boiler though a siphon trap and will need to soak away into a waste pipe or drain.

Well that's all well and good but so what!

A condensing boiler will save you £s in fact the higher your usage the more you can save, somewhere in the region of 17-30% depending on the type of boiler you replace. So if you have an old floor standing boiler made of cast iron or a modern wall hung version think about upgrading to one that will help pay for its self and help the environment to boot.

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