The Delicate Touch - Heating Controls.

If you're a fan of gadgets and love surrounding yourself with the latest technology, then take a look at Warm World smart home technology systems.

Everyone loves a time and cost saving device to free up precious quality time for the other, more important activities in life. Warmworld offers just one of these systems in its innovative central heating control system, Dataterm. It’s not just a bog standard thermostat and combined timer, Dataterm has its own in-built data analyzer which adjusts the settings in order to take advantage of the unique atmospheric changes in your home. Depending on how well your house is insulated, the Dataterm can immediately start saving you money by monitoring the amount of energy that’s used when hot water or the central heating is switched on.

Keep the Warmth Inside – Insulate Windows, Walls & Roofs

If you’ve got a suitably insulated home with super-efficient radiators, under floor heating cavity wall, deep roof insulation and double glazed windows then you’ve already made good progress to save some of your hard earned money while keeping warm. For example: Dataterm’s intelligent “fuzzy logic” works out when the optimal time is to switch on your central heating once you’ve told it what temperature you’d like the house to be when you rise in the morning. This cuts down on waste energy at multiple times of the day.

Cosy & Comfortable - Complete Control over your Heating

With decades of experience in manufacturing energy saving heating controls, Warmworld specialises in producing solutions to make your life easier. You can save up the 25% on your annual heating bills by installing an intelligent home system like Dataterm. For more in-depth information about any of our top quality products don’t hesitate to call us to on +44 (0) 117 949 8800.

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