Flexible Programming - Setpoints

Does your current time clock have more than 2 ON and 2 0FF times?

With Dataterm you get 8 set points where you set the time and temperature requirement for each day.

Yes each day, so if your weekends are different from your weekly routine Dataterm has it covered.

In addition there are 30 built in plans and 3 for you to make, so if you are a shift worker you can allow for 3 different patterns to suit your needs or have a summer, winter and holiday plan the choice is yours.

Set the temperatures to suit you for different times of the day, warm in the morning for when you get up, cooling down a little for when your working around the home and back to warm in the evening when you come home to slightly warmer to enjoy your evening meal.

All of this without moving a finger once your plan is set.

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