CombiSave by Teddington


CombiSave by Teddington

CombiSave by Teddington

CombiSave can save you £'s and help deliver hot water from your combi boiler much sooner than before.

It is easily fitted to your boilers hot water outlet and will save you on your fuel bill and water bill if on a metered supply!

Independant tests done without CombiSave show that it can take up to 10 litres of water before hot water comes out of the tap.  At the same time , unnecessary gas is used, excess carbon is emmited and time wasted.

Example savings show that a boiler tested used 5.5 litres of water and 300Wh of gas before hot water was present at the taps. Time taken 66 seconds!

After fitting CombiSave this was reduced to 2 litres of water and 230Wh of gas taking only 40 seconds for hot water at the taps.

Its a simple idea and one that should be applied to all combination boilers whether new or old, CombiSave limits the flow rate through the boiler until it is up to the desired temperature then opens up to full flow, hey presto hot water out of the taps and a reduced cost and quicker than before.

What's In The Box?

* 1 Teddington CombiSave

* 2 Fibre Washers

* 1 Instruction Leaflet

* 1 Adjustment Key


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